(Disillusioned) Relationships 101

When you've forgotten how to see what you once loved, all that's left are the faults.

If they break small promises, you are on fair warning as to bigger ones.

Love is generally preferable to hatred, unless you have a Twitter feed.

There are two types of people who will let you down in relationships: (1) those currently living; and (2) everyone else.

For the best intimate relationships, really listening to your partner is a must. Having them actually present is also preferable.

Never act like you know what it is like in someone else's relationship. Unless you are in it, I guess. You know what, never mind.

The secret to keeping your partner happy is to always remember anniversaries and not to mess with the thermostat in their car, but mostly the second one.

Fugacious Claims (2)

The day becomes a thousand million years; 
The distance anywhere becomes too far -- 
The happening that brings alive your fears 
And turns the world into an abattoir. 
Devoid of any hope, bereft of tears, 
You search the skies for some imploding star 
To lie within; to give yourself unto 
And see no more of twenty twenty two

Fugacious Claims (1)

 I chanced upon a street 
 As quiet as the snow 
 While I watched time escheat 

 To where all moments go 
 The silence and the gloom 
 We've lately come to know 

 Within each house and room 
 Our struggles to keep hale 
(Or so I would assume) 

 But now another tale 
 Is sung upon these ways 
 A gray Dorian scale 

 A crystallized malaise 
 A melody a beat 
 Before the sun's first rays