Echoes – 6

She heard the ocean calling, and she knew:

The chances that she’d have might be but few,

And so she went to where her heart could grow

Out in a place she didn’t really know


But she had all strength, her hope, her mind:

Deciding that she now would be defined

By who she was, and not who she was with —

And so much she’d been taught was really


Echoes – 5

Who am I, what is it I do?

There’s love and life, and me and you –

Did we not once come out this way?

Ah, yes. That was another day.


Another time, another place.

The days before the great disgrace.

And why can’t we go back again?

Some broken things cannot be fixed —


Like men

Echoes – 4

So now, they try to figure out
What lead him to his final leap;
A world surprised, it seems —
But don’t they know?

The darkness is in everyone;
It’s everywhere, and all the time.
It is the light that really needs

But once the heart goes blind,
It cannot see
Whatever light might happen
To go by —

And those who step into the void
Do so because


I know not why

Echoes – 3

interlocking circles, static chaos,
mesmerizing in
intensity –

the echoes down the beach that say
you’ve gained so much, but really
lost your way

some birds sing, but gulls – they cry;
of all that shattered hearts have lost
in crumbs along a distant shore
where waves repeat
remorse, remorse
and chill winds blow across our

Echoes – 2

She met him in the corner bar

The night that she turned twenty-two;

She had a point to prove

To all her friends —


So she was the aggressor, she

Did all the things she had to do;

She took control of both

The means and ends


And liked the feeling very much,

Though not so much the guy himself;

She learned some things, and taught

Some things, as well


She met him in the corner bar

The night that she took charge of all

Decisions, re: her own life’s


Echoes – 1

The stark and barren morning world
That welcomes him at dawn
Is made of broken wishes and
The fact that she is gone

She’s gone and won’t be coming back
And all this luxury
Is nothing but a hollow shell
That masks his penury

Of all that makes a human so
The light of all who try
But in this barren morning world
There’s only emptiness and pride
Just vanity
And pride