the staying of dismissal: 
he remains. 
but still she is unsure, 
and thinks that, perhaps, she granted 
clemency where there was no 
sincere remorse (maybe?)  

there is no process 
so impossible to untangle 
as that of 
how it is people we know 
become people 
we never knew. 

= = = 

she stares, now, at 
a piece of paper: 
on it, test results that say 
he won't be here 
much longer. 

and where it the doubt, now?
who is it she
has become a stranger to?

Oh, My Love…

Oh, my love, the world goes by,
The night nears gone, the day draws nigh,
And I am wandering alone —
In a speeding blur, in my seat alone.

Oh, my love, there’s a certain buzz,
Like a great beyond, or the big because:
Where discovery’s not a fearful thing,
And words are more feeling than parroting.

For the world won’t stop for mistakes I’ve made:
The moments of anger, or words that lied —
All the tickets punched are the price I’ve paid,
Like the seat to my right that’s unoccupied —

Oh, my love, if you hear me now,
Know I’m trying my best to be who you thought
I could be in the days when the world seemed slow,
And acceptance was found where it wasn’t sought,

And we could control where we meant to go —
Oh my love, my love, I still wish

It was so