A Little Bit of Wood

A little bit of wood
A little bit of paint
Some big imaginations and
It doesn’t seem so quaint

For it’s in what we dream of
That new things come to be:
In what we can imagine lies
Our real democracy

So everyday we get
The chance to make it good
With little bits of paint, and
A little bit

Of wood

in the turn of moments…

how and why DO matter:
our intentions, goals, and dreams —

life is lived
in the turn of moments,
where we reach past the boundaries
of mere existence,
striving, self-consciously
both to become and to
become aware

when the dance is over
it isn’t the exact steps
and gestures we will remember,
but the exhilaration, the joy —
how, as a gift back to the music,
we became the music —

we are all born explorers:
designed for great adventures,
daring escapes, and
legendary romance

early circumstances press on us
like molds, and we
can eventually either keep
those shapes or no —

we can let today’s sunlight become
today’s fuel, or

tomorrow’s regrets

Snapshot: Lonely Day

When you’d forgotten where you were,
When you could feel the cold inside,
When all the ground you covered felt
Like just a hamster wheel

When choices made felt so unmade,
When winter seemed to know you best,
And only the iciness within
Felt anything like real

When afterthoughts seem everything,
And tears won’t come when well they should,
When you remember lies the best
For little good seems true

You walk because you have to move,
You think but thoughts will not go still,
You cover ground repeatedly
For what else can

You do?

My love’s a creature of the light…

My love’s a creature of the light,
She needs the sun to feel alive;
And though she’s there when darkness comes,
If I would see her shine, and thrive,

I must wait til the clouds have passed,
Til night has gone where it must go —
My love’s a creature of the light,
And I live in

The glow