Other people have FOMO… fear of missing out. I, on the other hand, have FOBI… fear of being included.

There is nothing I dread quite as much as a party invitation. I almost never want to be at a party. The only time I really feel like a party-level of celebrating is appropriate is when I am leaving a party.

I also have some reason to think every party gets a little bit better when I leave it.

I am currently on a trans-Pacific video conference call at work. Almost everyone I work with got to go to Japan for this meeting. Words cannot express how grateful I am that I wasn’t invited.

And I love going to Japan. But I have the opposite of FOMO. I have FOBI.

Inclusion isn't everything; 
There's times, it is a curse --
You think it's better to be "in",
But I think that it's worse --

I know it isn't normal, but
I just am made this way --
I've made my bed, I'll lie in it,
And just enjoy

My day

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