saturdays, latter days

there's a place in the soul where these saturdays go 
as the years turn to grass and new life tends to grow 
and the sun shines and rain falls and night eases in 
and a sunday's upon us before we e'er know.

Every Saturday morning (after I am back from a few hours at work) one of my oldest grandchildren goes out with me to “run errands”. This started out exactly as it sounds, as they would simply accompany me to the drug store, the grocery store, the car wash, the gas station, and so on. However, it gradually turned into a type of planned amusement, where I am picking some place (along with the errands, or sometimes instead of them) for each one of them to go. It also usually includes lunch.

When I get home, my wife then has a planned outing of her own, meeting some women from church for a late lunch, so I am then home with between two and four of my grandkids, depending on the weekend. The pictures shown here are from the last few of such Saturdays.

I have, at this age, what I believe can fairly be characterized as a blessed life. My wife seems to be through her cancer treatment and the prognosis looks positive. I have a job, a career, and it seems to be going okay.

There are always heartaches lurking around corners, of course. Right now, we are waiting on test results for my stepdaughter who is the mother of the two dark-haired children in the pictures. It could be nothing, or it could be very bad, indeed. We found this out last night (Friday) so it will be Monday before she’s able to find out more.

So it is another Saturday, and I will do what I do, and these kids will do what they do, which is, mostly, just be kids.

Which is a wonderful thing, as simple as it sounds.

7 thoughts on “saturdays, latter days

  1. I wish I had such a closed-knit family. I am, honestly, jealous….I hope your wife recovers fully and your stepdaughter’s results will bring good news and relief….

  2. What a lovely post Owen. May the kids manage to be just kids for as long as they choose, even into old age if that’s what they wish. May family woes and sickness be gone, and may you all make lovely memories for a very long time.

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