How to Be, and Not Be, A Loser

There's times I mean to lose myself 
To concentrate on something more; 
But other times, I wander off 
And I'm not really thinking 
For though I have a lot to lose, 
Sometimes, my mind puts that away 
To free itself to climb, although 
I often end up sinking. 

The stairway to eternity 
That seems inviting, colorful, 
Becomes an endless loop wherein 
I struggle for a meaning; 
For though I think that I'm alone 
I bring along the weights of time, 
And it's these other spirits with whom 
I am soon convening 

It is okay to lose myself, 
But only in the service of 
A type of cleaning out of that 
Which wears away the whole, 
For there are stairs that lead somewhere, 
A somewhere that I'm meant to be: 
To lose all those mistakes I've made, 
And find, instead, 

My soul

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