Forfeiture –

The heart that skittered in my chest   betrayed the world before my eyes;   the few who I had loved the best   had spun away to alibis. I looked and stared, I stared and looked,   but nothing came to focus clear;   the wind still smelled as fate had cooked,   and … Continue reading "Forfeiture –"

four acts of clemency

he realized he wasn’t who he’d made out he was, but thought it was worth trying to be that guy anyway she understood that the shallow criteria she accused others of having for her came from her i recognized that the many good things that i am not don’t obviate whatever good i am you … Continue reading "four acts of clemency"

My Untranscendent Self

I wish I was less selfish, and limited, But I’m not. I don’t deal well with chaos, or noise, And I don’t like not knowing what’s going on. I don’t go with the flow; in fact, I hate the flow, And try to stay out of it at all costs. But it catches up with … Continue reading "My Untranscendent Self"


When I was sentient, I knew a man Whose hobby was to build things out of cards: At least I think. For my attention span Is very short, and doubtful in regards To any but the widest boulevards That truth or lone veracity might take And subject to drive off, without a brake At any … Continue reading "Card-Builder"

This is my soul…

As best I can show, This is my soul. Except, there’s decent music —

At A Loss

If you could see me as I am I’d ask you who you thought I was I’d ask you this, and search your eyes To know the truth. And this, because I stare at myself everyday As I get pulled in every way And feel my very soul I lack For there’s nobody staring back