Oh, My Love…

Oh, my love, the world goes by,
The night nears gone, the day draws nigh,
And I am wandering alone —
In a speeding blur, in my seat alone.

Oh, my love, there’s a certain buzz,
Like a great beyond, or the big because:
Where discovery’s not a fearful thing,
And words are more feeling than parroting.

For the world won’t stop for mistakes I’ve made:
The moments of anger, or words that lied —
All the tickets punched are the price I’ve paid,
Like the seat to my right that’s unoccupied —

Oh, my love, if you hear me now,
Know I’m trying my best to be who you thought
I could be in the days when the world seemed slow,
And acceptance was found where it wasn’t sought,

And we could control where we meant to go —
Oh my love, my love, I still wish

It was so

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