The New Girl

I’d see them chatting after lunch;
They’d pass each other in the hall -
He was a handsome sort of guy,
And she was very shy -

Sometimes I’d catch her watching as
He and some other guys played ball;
He was a local sort of star
That she watched from afar.

One summer day, right after work,
We had a thing down at the park,
A barbecue and get-together
Just to mine the weather –

The beer was flowing freely, and
She stood resplendent, with her friends,
When he stopped by to check in some
She thought the time had come –

But just right then, the world turned wrong,
She watched his eyes as his head turned -
A new girl: and to her surprise
Her guy only had eyes

For someone she had never seen.
He walked away to get two beers;
And she looked stricken dumb, as blankness
To her eyes would come

So, she drank fiercely most the night,
But her friends - they looked out for her,
At some point, she stopped glancing there:
At the now-friendly pair –

   I saw all this, and took it in.
   I read it all as off a page --
   That much emotion I recall
   As though ‘twas yesterday --

   The love that never came to words,
   The heartbreak no one ever knew,
  ‘Cause some "new girl" just wandered in
   And took it all


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