I Tried To Dance


I tried to dance,
And hoped that you would notice me;
I tried to sing,
But you had left the room

Tried to excel,
And hoped you would approve of me –
I learned some tricks
You never stopped to view

I wanted you to see me and
To like me;
To talk to you, accepted
Without qualms

I just wished that you noticed
And you loved me –
I wish that you were more like
Other moms


(“I Tried To Dance” – 10-17-2014)

If She Could…

If she could flee the way she feels
She would. But that is not a choice:
She sleeps but fitful, misses meals,
And can find neither mind nor voice

To outline all the emptiness
She’s known since he’s been gone:
And all that she has left to keep
Is just keep


Her Kiss

Her kiss was full with oleander
Poison soon meandering
It’s way down to destroy
The last festoon he kept
Of flowers full of love.

And as she shed her denim,
He, unknowing, filled with venom,
Just another boy
With whom she slept,
To punish him, and every man,
For what she’d missed

In love

The Heart Goes Missing

A quibble with a common metaphor…

When all the towers you could build
Come tumbling to the ground,
When all the music you have loved
Becomes just so much sound

When all that you held precious is
Dismissed for someone new,
The heart goes missing for a time
There’s nothing you can do

Instead of heartbeats, there’s an aching
Constantly, inside;
In lieu of courage, emptiness,
Where once there was some pride

They say the heart is broken, but
There’s madness in its place:
I’d say the heart goes missing;
Filling up
The space

fallen star

that night was made for wishing,
and so you used it well —
but what it was you hoped for,
you wouldn’t (at first) tell,

but soon i heard you speak his name.
this boy? well, he was every star,
except the one that fell inside
of clueless me, who’d also fallen


Can You Stop The Sunset?

Now, can you stop the sunset?
Can you control the hours?
Or is this just another thing
That’s far beyond your powers?

What’s real was once what hadn’t been,
What’s here is only now;
And though we hold on to its rays,
The sun escapes, somehow.

Now, can you stop the nightfall,
And keep at home the years?
Or is the now for us to see,
And then recall
Through tears?