I Tried To Dance


I tried to dance,
And hoped that you would notice me;
I tried to sing,
But you had left the room

Tried to excel,
And hoped you would approve of me –
I learned some tricks
You never stopped to view

I wanted you to see me and
To like me;
To talk to you, accepted
Without qualms

I just wished that you noticed
And you loved me –
I wish that you were more like
Other moms


(“I Tried To Dance” – 10-17-2014)


She said, “Come meet me in the fields,
And I will give my love to you.”
He went and waited, with a heart,
But now, it’s understood —

That love is cruel when it’s not kind,
And power’s shown by giving pain,
And wheatgrass blows in empty fields
Where men give up on love
For good


The porpoise may become a shark,
If we don’t have our species right;
Because she loved him in the dark,
She thought she knew him in the light

She thought she knew; she felt so strong –
But love gone left is simply, wrong,
And hollow is the memory
That now is tinged with treachery

© Katarzyna Bialasiewicz | Dreamstime.com – Heartbroken woman


“It’s just a crush,” they told him,
“You’ll grow out of it,” they said;
Well, it’s been thirteen years,
And there she is, still in his head —

For being young does not mean
One can’t tell false love from true;
Or know the ache of loving someone
Who does not love

[As is frequently true, the ubiquitous “they” were wrong – Owen]

sometimes, still

sometimes, still, in windswept dreams
he finds her living in his head

watery and fiery
in vivid lust he long thought dead

she who loved only herself and
left him with her heart of stone

since he hates her now, he’s thinking
can’t she leave his dreams alone?

When The Old Things Don’t Work Anymore

… it’s a sad day, indeed

The old jokes do not make him laugh
The old dress doesn’t make him look
The old him was all into her
The lapse of time was all it took

The vanity she entertained
The love she thought forever true
The hollowness we come to see
In who we are
And what
We do