The New Girl

I’d see them chatting after lunch; They’d pass each other in the hall - He was a handsome sort of guy, And she was very shy - Sometimes I’d catch her watching as He and some other guys played ball; He was a local sort of star That she watched from afar. One summer day, … Continue reading "The New Girl"

Where Love Was Meant to Be

She stood where love was meant to be And watched its slow demise; Though posed as the embodiment Of fantasies of guys But love is not an image, nor A way we simply feel — It’s only action that can prove If love is really Real

Old Poem, Age 24 (Edited)

[I had completely forgotten this poem and the event it refers to. At the time, I would not have thought that possible, so hard did it hit me. – Owen] One night, you gave yourself to me   the next night you had gone away I do not understand I do not understand at all … Continue reading "Old Poem, Age 24 (Edited)"

Old Poem, Age 27

I know you think of someone else, I see it in your eyes; I know you dream of other worlds And living otherwise – I know you look at me and see No future, nada, none — Yes I know how brief love can be When only felt By one

Her Tears

He wishes he could spare her tears today. But there is nothing, nobody who can; For tears will out – they’ll always find a way, To issue when they will, despite of plan That she might have of putting on brave face. He loves her with an old man father’s love, Full wishing he her … Continue reading "Her Tears"