Can You Stop The Sunset?

Now, can you stop the sunset?
Can you control the hours?
Or is this just another thing
That’s far beyond your powers?

What’s real was once what hadn’t been,
What’s here is only now;
And though we hold on to its rays,
The sun escapes, somehow.

Now, can you stop the nightfall,
And keep at home the years?
Or is the now for us to see,
And then recall
Through tears?


She said, “Come meet me in the fields,
And I will give my love to you.”
He went and waited, with a heart,
But now, it’s understood —

That love is cruel when it’s not kind,
And power’s shown by giving pain,
And wheatgrass blows in empty fields
Where men give up on love
For good

I Tried To Dance


I tried to dance,
And hoped that you would notice me;
I tried to sing,
But you had left the room

Tried to excel,
And hoped you would approve of me –
I learned some tricks
You never stopped to view

I wanted you to see me and
To like me;
To talk to you, accepted
Without qualms

I just wished that you noticed
And you loved me –
I wish that you were more like
Other moms


(“I Tried To Dance” – 10-17-2014)

The Truth in Makep

We drink, at times, the sweetened,
Other times, the bitter cup:
And truth is more than anything
Than our minds can dream up.

She was the truth in makeup, she
Was lies out in the grass —
A hundred kind of choices,
Each of them too good to pass —

She wrapped herself in denouement,
Then spread that on the winds,
An innocent on holiday,
Too practiced in her sins —

I was a tool. I was a fool.
A tool among the fools:
To play a game where only she
Knew any of the rules.

How many times, how many ways,
I knew the feeling hollow
Of what it is to trust someone
Who goes where you can’t follow.

She left one day without a word,
My heart and head felt battered,
To feel her wrapped around me seemed
The only thing that mattered —

But life can be a funny thing.
Our hearts are self-repairing,
Especially when they’re around
Someone whose gifts are caring.

The “truth in makeup” still exists.
She’s on my Facebook feed;
We both are older now,
We’ve lost some looks, we’ve lost some speed —

But all of us face grief, and pain.
And in the final summing,
There’s naught we should as kindly treat
As our mistakes

In loving