Essays in Failure – 4

It’s just a building: walls, a roof,
Kitchen fixtures shipped in from corporate,
Signage done for years by national standards,
Closed down a few years ago as the chain is dying

People don’t want the prefab food of yesteryear,
They want the prefab food of today

Currents are fickle, whether in the air, or water, or
In fashions

= = = = =

We came here when I was a kid.
I ordered spaghetti and meatballs,
Which has arguably brought more happiness
To more children in this country
Than any other single food.

We were going to a show after dinner,
So we were dressed up;
My sister in a dress, my brother
With his hair combed.
I was six years old.

This was my first time ever
Eating at a Denny’s;
And I still remember it
In the odd way that we sometimes remember things
Just because they made us happy

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