The Truth In 9 Sentences

We can go wherever we like; what we carry around inside goes with us.

Our pain, our fears, our insecurities — these don’t really notice changes, either of society or scenery.

Love is recognized as the answer to most of our problems, including those we would never think to apply it to.

At its best, art reminds us both how it feels to be alive and what it means.

It may sound strange that living beings can forget what it feels like to be alive, but it is nonetheless true.

Science formulates general rules, but not all general rules are science: frequently, people use generalizations to avoid having to think.

Our innate human desire to reduce suffering is almost as great as our desire to cause it.

We stopped exploring space when we stopped really believing in humanity as a good thing in itself.

Anxiety comes from having more choices than our brains can handle; grief comes from having fewer choices than our hearts can.

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