What Life’s Supposed to Be

Supposed to Be

If life was what life’s supposed to be,
Then I’d love her and she’d love me,
Instead of only dreaming of her
Every single night

But as it happens, she’s with him,
And prospects are both dim and slim
That she would ever look my way
And in me take delight

And sure, she’s happy and I’m not;
And yes, I’m fat and she is hot –
And yeah, I’m old and she is young,
But still, if things were fairer —

And life was what life’s supposed to be,
She’d be glad she was stuck with me,
Or maybe not. Perhaps, my sense
Of justice is

In error

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3 Thoughts to “What Life’s Supposed to Be

    1. My ex-wife was six years younger than I was, and my wife (now of more than fifteen years) is eight years older than I am. I’ve been told I got the “trophy wife” thing backwards, but I think it’s other guys who might.

      And, just to revert to being an actuary for a minute, since women live longer than men, on average, it makes more sense in terms of sharing a life together for men to marry older women than younger ones. But most of us don’t make such decisions on statistical grounds – thank goodness.

      1. That made me laugh 🙂 *the trophy thing backward* women my generation are dying before men, i wonder if it will show in these relationship patterns?

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