What Life’s Supposed to Be

Supposed to Be

If life was what life’s supposed to be,
Then I’d love her and she’d love me,
Instead of only dreaming of her
Every single night

But as it happens, she’s with him,
And prospects are both dim and slim
That she would ever look my way
And in me take delight

And sure, she’s happy and I’m not;
And yes, I’m fat and she is hot –
And yeah, I’m old and she is young,
But still, if things were fairer —

And life was what life’s supposed to be,
She’d be glad she was stuck with me,
Or maybe not. Perhaps, my sense
Of justice is

In error

Who Needs Real Life?

Who needs real life, when we have all of this?
There is no “we”, of course, there’s just my mind;
Imagining a sunset, and a kiss,
And someone real, who could be wined and dined –

Imagination’s good – so I was told –
When I was three and four and five and six…
That’s not some bill of goods they lightly sold;
For loneliness, it is the only fix

So I’m not lonely. There is you and me –
And dinner by the sweeping sunset sea —
And love as it was ever meant to be. –
Who needs real life, when you have