Father’s Day 2020

My father never stopped trying with us,
Even when we had.
It kills me now to think that
I didn’t always treat him respectfully,
For he had poured everything he had into us,
His children.

On Father’s Day,
My own children give me cards and presents
That I’m grateful for,
But feel unworthy of.
For a good father, to me,
Is a product of keeping:
Keeping faith,
Keeping promises,
Keeping watch,

It is only because we’ve been given these gifts,
Our children,
That we have anything to keep.
It’s a privilege, really,
And the best we can do is
Not abuse it.

To all of you who are
Or have had
Or have raised children with
Good fathers,
Happy Father’s Day,
And if you aren’t in
Any of those categories,
Here’s wishing a happy day to you, too —
Especially you.

It has been fifteen years now
Since my father left this earth,
So maybe, I think, he is
Walking beside a golden lake

With his father

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