Assumptions (6)

He works in a hospital,
Goes to the gym —
He’d love to chase love,
But the girls chase him.

It’s like a big contest,
They’ve been in for years —
He’d like to play ball,
Maybe have a few beers —

But somebody wants him
For sex or for thrills.
His boss’s wife said
She would pay all his bills.

A lot of guys hate him,
Or whisper he’s gay,
But he wants a girl,
At the end of the day,

Who he’ll have to seek,
And to try to impress:
Somebody who’s more than her
Makeup or dress,

Who’s smart, and who’s funny,
Who loves and who tries,
And sees those same qualities
In his dark eyes.

But he knows, for now,
People see what they see:
“Good looking” ain’t all
That it’s cracked up
To be

(Assumption: “Good-looking people have everything easier.”)

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