If You Want…

If you want to make things better,
Start out by not making them worse;
If you want to be a performer,
There’s nothing to do but rehearse

If you want to be fondly remembered,
Be thoughtful, and loving, and kind:
If you want to see happiness realized
Then take care of your heart and your mind


Tonight, lets us begin again.
The world is ours to play with:
We’ve seen the trail of treachery,
It isn’t one to stay with —

Instead, we’ll find a unknown lake,
Where rippled reeds are waving,
And swim upon the sunset with
A shared and subtle craving

For what cannot be sold in stores:
Discovery, and closeness —
We’ll have to put the time in, though,
It won’t come by osmosis —

Tonight, lets us begin again.
We’ve everything, and nothing
To keep us from remembering
That love is for

The loving

{ the empty hour }

you’ve worked to fill your life with things,
with opulence and plenty —
but you last felt your true heart beat
when you were less than twenty

you gave away the life you sought
to play and fill a part;
you’ve bought a lot since then with what
you paid for with your heart

but you have not slowed down; you said
as riches just kept mounting,
‘the hour will come one day when i
  will take time for accounting…’

those victories you’ve won through all
that cunning, power and bluffing —
the empty hour’s come, and you
are left with all

of nothing

The Rainbow on the Plain

The rainbow says, “the worst has passed,”
But in my heart, I don’t believe:
So long against the storm amassed
With little time to think, or breathe —

Why is it days give way to dark
When we most need the light to see,
And why must we lose those we love
With such sick


Love and Time

I thought in time I’d come to see
The cracks and flaws in your veneer;
That, once devoid of mystery,
With every source and motive clear,

Your beauty would just fall away.
For this was my experience:
With others, there had come a day
When love no longer made much sense.

But here’s the thing: it’s now been years,
And nothing like this has occurred;
Through laughing moments, nights of tears,
The same awakening is stirred.

To you, for you, I feel a pull;
With you, before’s no teacher —
For closer means more beautiful,
And longer makes love


Assumptions (16)

Being right
Is less a function of arguments
Than of mindset.

The person open
To the emotions and experiences of others
Often finds

That many of
The “either/or” choices we are presented with
Are false dichotomies

While a small handful
Are not.

If the ideas you are exploring
Result in you hating individuals
Who you do not know

Or only know through images

Consider hard
That the people selling you those ideas
May not really have
Either the truth
Or your best interests
At heart.

In real life
Are both far, far better
And much, much worse
Than when presented to us
As categories

But we have to know the individuals
To have any chance
Of seeing fairly.

In an arena
Where arguing matters more
Than actually learning and knowing
All of that
Can get lost.

So it’s better to know
One simple truth
About a real person’s life
Than secondhand lies
Conveyed via



Across a vast expanse called ‘time’,
  I heard a voice sing pure and clear
  about the fate that searchers face:
  to look afar, and miss the near.

But though the hours early come,
  and weariness runs hard and through,
  the searcher’s restless quest goes on
  because it’s just what seekers