If You Want…

If you want to make things better, Start out by not making them worse; If you want to be a performer, There’s nothing to do but rehearse If you want to be fondly remembered, Be thoughtful, and loving, and kind: If you want to see happiness realized Then take care of your heart and your … Continue reading "If You Want…"

A Significant Difference

The things that we do and we think Are shaped by what we take for granted: So some worry just about blooming, While others, about where they’re planted


Tonight, lets us begin again. The world is ours to play with: We’ve seen the trail of treachery, It isn’t one to stay with — Instead, we’ll find a unknown lake, Where rippled reeds are waving, And swim upon the sunset with A shared and subtle craving For what cannot be sold in stores: Discovery, … Continue reading "Tonight"

{ the empty hour }

you’ve worked to fill your life with things, with opulence and plenty — but you last felt your true heart beat when you were less than twenty you gave away the life you sought to play and fill a part; you’ve bought a lot since then with what you paid for with your heart but … Continue reading "{ the empty hour }"

The Rainbow on the Plain

The rainbow says, “the worst has passed,” But in my heart, I don’t believe: So long against the storm amassed With little time to think, or breathe — Why is it days give way to dark When we most need the light to see, And why must we lose those we love With such sick … Continue reading "The Rainbow on the Plain"

Love and Time

I thought in time I’d come to see The cracks and flaws in your veneer; That, once devoid of mystery, With every source and motive clear, Your beauty would just fall away. For this was my experience: With others, there had come a day When love no longer made much sense. But here’s the thing: … Continue reading "Love and Time"

Assumptions (16)

Being right Is less a function of arguments Than of mindset. The person open To the emotions and experiences of others Often finds That many of The “either/or” choices we are presented with Are false dichotomies While a small handful Are not. If the ideas you are exploring Result in you hating individuals Who you … Continue reading "Assumptions (16)"


Across a vast expanse called ‘time’,   I heard a voice sing pure and clear   about the fate that searchers face:   to look afar, and miss the near. But though the hours early come,   and weariness runs hard and through,   the searcher’s restless quest goes on   because it’s just what … Continue reading "Searchers"

No Salve

The pain is always there That there’s no balm to heal: It’s hard to know the way to act That matches how you feel — But though the wound be old or fresh, With, seemingly, no salve, Know this: that you deserve to be loved, And what’s more, Always   Have