Assumptions (16)

Being right
Is less a function of arguments
Than of mindset.

The person open
To the emotions and experiences of others
Often finds

That many of
The “either/or” choices we are presented with
Are false dichotomies

While a small handful
Are not.

If the ideas you are exploring
Result in you hating individuals
Who you do not know

Or only know through images

Consider hard
That the people selling you those ideas
May not really have
Either the truth
Or your best interests
At heart.

In real life
Are both far, far better
And much, much worse
Than when presented to us
As categories

But we have to know the individuals
To have any chance
Of seeing fairly.

In an arena
Where arguing matters more
Than actually learning and knowing
All of that
Can get lost.

So it’s better to know
One simple truth
About a real person’s life
Than secondhand lies
Conveyed via


One thought on “Assumptions (16)

  1. So, true. Along with all you’ve written, we should remember. Assumptions are far from making a stranger or some you may be familiar with correct. Assumptions may just as easily make a person look like an a** in your eyes w/o them being any the wiser.

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