To Change My Life…?

What seemed right and what felt right
Pulled in two quite different ways;
I drove into the desert ‘neath
The unforgiving rays

My heart, it wanted change, to get
A new life, a new start;
My mind said, “Everything is fine.
Don’t listen to your heart.”

For life’s responsibilities
Had greatly weighed me down;
The desert spoke of dying things
Of ghost lives, and ghost towns —

I drove for the entire day
And as the sun was setting
Decided I should stay the course
And that I’d been forgetting

What my life had been like before.
Once home, as I undressed,
I kissed my sleeping wife
And settled down to take some rest.

My instincts haven’t always
Been the greatest friend to me:
For if I listened, I’d have lost
All my reasons
To be


(“To Change My Life…?” – 12-16-2014)

12 thoughts on “To Change My Life…?

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  2. Remote worlds that fade, while few remember, here it’s the desert uplands and the sandhill country. Love the way you close in the final moments to the poem.

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