To Change My Life…?

What seemed right and what felt right Pulled in two quite different ways; I drove into the desert ‘neath The unforgiving rays My heart, it wanted change, to get A new life, a new start; My mind said, “Everything is fine. Don’t listen to your heart.” For life’s responsibilities Had greatly weighed me down; The … Continue reading "To Change My Life…?"

A Common Ground

We cannot find a common ground To share a point of view, For I stand here, in judgment, of The things that make you, you And you are there, entombed within That fort of your devising; That there’s no common ground for us Just isn’t that surprising But there’s a universal truth In all strife … Continue reading "A Common Ground"

Out and Outlier

They draw a graph, I barely make the edge; They form a group, and I don’t qualify — I’m so remote, it seems quite like a ledge, For there’s no other word they can apply To speak of one, who doesn’t fit at all: With them, or “anti-them” or anywhere — Precarious, and just about … Continue reading "Out and Outlier"