A Project (2020)

I’m setting out a sort of outline for this year’s writing:

12/30-1/3 Review of most popular posts
1/1-1/31 Examining Assumptions
2/1-2/29 Poetic Essays
3/1-3/31 Mood and Character Pieces
4/1-4/30 Classical Forms
5/1-5/31 Abstractions and Enigmata
6/1-6/30 Autobiographical Poems & Prose
7/1-7/31 Wandering Thoughts
8/1-8/31 Relationships of All Kinds
9/1-9/30 Snapshots
10/1-10/31 Lunes & Byrs.
  Lunes are either 5/3/5 or 3/5/3, unrhymed.
  Byrs are two lines of 6 and one of 4 (in any order) with interlocking internal and external rhymes.
11/1-11/30 La Synthèse (Nano Poblano).
  La Synthèse poems are two or more separate poems that each carry the same shared title.
12/1-12/31 Free Forms

I write every day, so that’s not a new goal.

We will see how this goes…

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7 Thoughts to “A Project (2020)

  1. Interesting goals, to break down your writing into subjects by month. I like it! It’s very directed. 🙂

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