The News

Hello, my friend.
Here is the news:
We’re fast within
The life we choose

For sure, we choose it
Every day:
To be out here
And live this way

For time has properties
And choice is never just
Past tense

The children grew as children will,
They each have left for pastures green –
The nights are pure; the mornings, still —
The hours gentle in between

And so, my friend,
Here are the facts:
The train keeps rolling
Down the tracks

The train of time
That never stops;
It runs through city
And through copse

Out here, to where
We daily age,
And as a novel,
Turn each page

The life we lived, the daily lift –
That once we chose, and daily choose:
It’s still to me a wondrous gift —
We have for now.
And that’s
The news

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