… always whispering…

The rain is always whispering,
We try to understand;
The world is heavy on the roof,
For what is felt we need no proof,
We try to understand —

Tell me why the drowning happens,
Tell me why we the burning must
Be the path of all tomorrows,
Air to ash, and cloud to dust —

The rain is screaming, harrowing,
We try to lend a hand;
The thunder swallows up the sky,
The wind has no time left to cry,
We try to lend a hand —

Tell us why the drowning happens,
Tell us why the cinders must
Be the end of our tomorrows,
And why all seems so unjust —

The rain is laughing hideous,
Our lives are not as planned;
We see the drowning everywhere,
And try to lend a hand,

But cannot


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