Asides – 1

The men I meet don’t even try

What do you mean?

They don’t even try to see “me”.
They just want things.
It’s all, like, a big game

Doesn’t sound like a very fun game

It’s not.
I’m lonely.
Is it me?
Am I doing something wrong?

You? No.
You’re fantastic.
Any guy would be lucky
To date you

Then what is it?

It’s just… opportunity.
Somebody good will come along.
They will. They’re out there.

Well they need to come ashore then
Oh… and, um… Owen?


How did you know that
Janey was the one?
And don’t tell me
‘I just knew.’
I hate that answer

When I first saw her she was…
Just standing by a window.
I looked at her, and
I literally couldn’t breathe for a second.

Would you say the initial attraction
Was physical?

Sort of yes.
More… metaphysical.
I knew she was an artist,
I’d heard of her, but
I had never seen her.
Now I was just… struck dumb

Did you talk to her?

No, because I was struck dumb.
I did eventually.
She just fascinated me, I mean,
You’ve known her longer than I have.

Yeah, you were the first decent guy
She dated.

Well… sort of decent

No she went out with some real losers.

… and so have you.
But you’ll meet someone.
My whole point.

I hate being patient.
I was never any good at it

Then hurry about things
You CAN control.
Don’t worry about guys.
Maybe you could take up parkour…

Even my male friends don’t even try

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5 Thoughts to “Asides – 1

      1. Tuesday 27th August, 2019

        Hi there!
        There are…. Several different ways I could have finished that sentence with, only I’m not sure what had happened! – seriously. and you are the only person who actually took the time out to tell me that I had done that so thank you. I must have been interrupted as it’s seldom that I don’t get to finish a sentence. I am possibly the only person in the western world who still has ‘pest it notes’ almost everywhere for that exact purpose (they’re a copy so I can’t call them by the names ‘title’ can I? Am I bad?).
        So that’s supposed to be effective, but does it work? Hehehe.

        I just wanted to let you know that your posts are always enjoyed, and I hope I give the right amount of attribution? Guess what? I’ve got a post it note on that very same subject so I hope so? Is there a way I could have an index that would allow me to add anyone who’s contributed wether it’s something that’s been written specifically or if it’s something I’ve reblogged?
        I think it’s something I should look at?

        Right after I’ve finished ironing out my choice of themes, plus I then decided that I wanted to avoid putting adverts on my site, I mean the kind that totally seperate the page enough to almost ruin a good story? It did make me think more about how the layout should be, and basically it looks like I’d be better to do it step by step then I should still have my back up? Yes another pest it note & almost impossible to reuse, I can imagine sticky backed plastic (as they would say on the BBC instead of using a brand name for a roll of sellotape, ahem.

        All I wanted to do was say a belated
        “Happy Anniversary” to both you and your wife, and to wish you many more.

        Regards Lynda
        karmashadows Blog

      2. Sometimes I smiley is enough.

        But today I can’t work out where whistlewood intro that I wrote doesn’t appear in hasta la vista.

        I still haven’t worked out how to do the simple payments?

        Plus, if I can’t even stay still or uninterrupted to watch a wordpress video which I can manage, but there are so many more, plus oh dear, Shopify now that does have a bulk load of visitors.

        Other than that?
        How’s it going,
        Regards Lyn 😃

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