We kindled in our hearts a dream
Of friendship true across the days;
Together, we would ring the truth,
And set the sleeping world ablaze

For much is darkness, staid with walls.
We all were young, and full in fight:
We wouldn’t rest, though beds be soft,
Until we set the world alight

For hope is work, and that we had
Abundantly; the go, the show —
We’d pool and pour our lives as one
And set this venal world aglow.

But then: the system’s a machine
For grinding us idealists down;
The battle will have casualties,
And heroism doesn’t mean renown —

But though we ache, we do not doubt,
For change comes from the inside, out,
And lives of meaning carry weight
To push upon each wall, and gate
Set up as barriers to truth:
We will, we must, go on, past youth,
And find more ways to make things right

And set the world ablaze

With light

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