7 Threnodies – 1

You were a kite upon these fields
With string as tight as reach was high;
How strange and empty now it seems –
    As your voice echoes down the way,
    It echoes down the way.

Two slender plants amid the yields,
Here two of us – yes, you and I –
Dreamed merrily our laughing dreams,
    In still enduring yesterday,
    Forever yesterday.

But you believed, as I had not,
The good inherent in this life;
And you saw harmony and hope,
Where I saw only war, and strife,

And so you planted, young and deep,
A house with children – one, two, three –
And carried on your joyful way
Along the path of destiny —

But now, the end has come, and gone,
A test was run, a whispered word,
And then you lost a hopeless war
    You never knew you’d have to face
    You never knew you’d face —

Another morning, one more dawn,
And you, less kite than you were bird,
Have flown, for us to see no more,
    But we can still retain your grace,
    In this remembered




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