Sketches – 59

How do you like my new hair?

Uh… it’s… it looks…
Really… different?

Nah, it’s the same.
My sister was
Holding it up above my head
For the photo.
We thought you’d enjoy

So you all are having fun?

Very much so.

Where was that picture taken?

From the waiting area of a place called
“The Sands of Time Day Spa”.
I kept calling it
“The Sands of Iwo Jima Day Spa”
Which sounds better to me.
She preferred
“The Edge of Night” Day Spa,
Which also has a nice ring to it.

What did you get done there?

I got a manicure, a pedicure,
And a facial.
Then we each got our hair done.
It took hours.
It was heavenly.
Or, at least, it had
Heavenish? Heavenoid?

I wasn’t going to quibble over
Your word choice.

After that, we went to a local mall.
We took photo stall pictures.
I hadn’t done those since
I was a teenager.
I’ll send you some.
They’re digital now.

Did you get matching tops?

Oh, yes, those are a must for
A photo stall shoot.
As is serious attitude.

Looks like you got
The “glamour shot” makeovers, too.
Do you ever miss modeling?

Not even once.
Not for a second.
She is the one who should have been
A model.
I mean, look at her.

Honestly —
I notice that she’s in the pictures.
That’s about it.
I like your sister,
She’s very serious and accomplished.
But still, she’s…

… She’s… what?

Kind of uptight.

You think?

I don’t know how her husband
Deals with it.
Nothing ever seems to bother that man

You’d be surprised:
A lot of things bother him.
Things aren’t that good
With the two of them

Not that good?
How bad?

Like, she’s talked to a lawyer
Kind of bad

Is he cheating on her?

Short answer is: yes

Wow. I am…
I had no inkling.

Neither did I.
You know my mom thinks
Her life is perfect.
She works at a bank.
A real job.
This will kill mom.
Although she never really liked

So when she proposed this trip,
Was it so the two of you could talk?

And to do what we’ve been doing.
Being sisters.

I understand now.
Well, is she okay?

Oh, yeah, she’s a rock.
It’s their kids that are her
Main concern

Wow, yeah.

She said, one problem with
How good they are at hiding their troubles is
How shocked everyone will be —
Especially the kids.
They don’t know.

I bet they have some idea

Well, Ellie might.
She doesn’t miss a trick, even if
She’s only seven years old

Will she be okay with me knowing?

Yes, she asked me to let you know.
She knows how much you love the kids.
“Even if he hates me,” she said.

I don’t hate your sister.
Never. She just makes me feel like
A layabout

Ooh, breaking out the Depression-era words.
You know the way to a girl’s heart

So you two are still having fun,
In spite of all this?

Look at the pictures.
We are definitely having fun. Besides,
“The behavior of others does not
Define who we are,
It defines who they are.”

Hey, I wrote that

I like it.

Well, take care of her.
It can’t be easy, even if
She doesn’t show it

You know I will.
After my fashion.
After our fashion, really

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