tell me, love

so tell me, love, how do you feel

why do you wander, far and free,

why are you here, so far away

from home?


so tell me, love, is all this real

and are you truly there for me

will you be here to stay

or will you roam?


there’s echoes streaming

down the hill

there’s voices in

the clearing

for songs, they travel

where they will

they’re sometimes just

past hearing


so tell me, love, will nights be long

and full of worry, stress, and storm

a wilderness of sorrow, and

of doubt?


or tell me, love, will you be strong

and will love fold itself in warm

and shall, at last, tomorrow, we

find out?

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7 Thoughts to “tell me, love

  1. Not sure why, but this song sprung to mind while reading this.
    It’s a heartache
    Nothing but a heartache
    Love him ’til your arms break
    Then he let’s you down

    It ain’t right with love to share
    When you find he doesn’t care for you
    It ain’t wise to need someone
    As much as I depended on you

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