Ugly Diamonds

What is it you think you see? Colors, patterns, symmetry? Or do you see all the strife That makes this messy, sprawling life? Who is it you think you know? Does your thinking make it so? Or do you see from afar The ugly diamonds that We are?

Questions, Questions

Why don’t spammers get writer’s block? Why are the worst AND the best called “goats”? Why are politicians considered experts On anything but getting votes? Why is bad to be premature, But good do be proactive? And why do men think that shouting at women Will make them somehow attractive?

Common Thoughts #7 – Meat Loaf & Brussels Sprouts

What exactly’s in a meat loaf? I am sure that I don’t know. Maybe some ingredients? Still, it seems quite apropos To serve it with brussels sprouts – Those two things both mysteries – One: I’m not sure what it is; Two: I don’t know who likes these

tell me, love

so tell me, love, how do you feel why do you wander, far and free, why are you here, so far away from home?   so tell me, love, is all this real and are you truly there for me will you be here to stay or will you roam?   there’s echoes streaming down … Continue reading "tell me, love"


Wandering,   full of trouble —   pensively,   searching for answers:   trusting in the journey itself