Sketches – 57

You look like the pitiful kitten from “Shrek”

I am bearing a heavy burden.
I saw the trailer, and
I don’t think the rest of the Avengers
Are going to make it, either

Oh, come on, everyone knows the ending
Of the original

I don’t.
Besides, movies and their source material
Often vary

I think the Avengers will end up winning

You think.
I think.
We all think stuff, but
What about Thanos?
That first movie like to have killed me

It has to follow a dramatic arc

You know what?
Screw drama.
I want good people winning and
Bad pople losing

Oy. Never watch sports, then.
Why is this just coming up now?
You barely said a word after “Infinity Wars”

I was traumatized!
You, you heartless thing,
Munching on malted milk balls like
Nothing had just happened

I did cry during like five different parts

Yeah, well.
Tears 5,
Malted Milk Balls 100.
You lost the
“Has a heart” contest

Well on April 26th, or thereabouts,
You can test it again

I don’t think I’m up for opening night.
But the first week I should be able to avoid spoilers.
But you better be fully engaged.
I can’t carry this load by myself

I’ll bring my wheelbarrow.

Just don’t fill it with
Malted milk balls

To mildly change the subject,
Who is your favorite Avenger?

Black Widow, obviously.
Russians with ballet training.
These are my people.
What about you?

Oh, Captain America.
Chemically altered anachronism.
These are my people.
Do you ever miss ballet?

Not really.
Like modeling, I recognize it as
Having been part of my life.
But I’m happier now.
Does that make sense?

It does

Do you ever miss talking to
Sane women?

You are sane.
Just — singular

Sanity is overrated.
Many of the true greats of history
Were truly mad

Like Thanos

Bad example

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