Common Stories – 3

When you love cats,
You learn young
That many people
Will never understand why.

She grew up with
A black and white cat
That explored the neighboring farmland
With her.

She told me
(When we were both college-aged)
“People treat cats
  Like they do introverts:
  They act like not being a dog (or extrovert)
  Is somehow wrong.”

“But other people understand,”
I said.

“Yes, and I’m grateful.
  It still gets wearying
  Having so many people question
  The essence of who or what you are.”

She was right, of course,
And the principle has broad applicability:
People think that others,
Who desire a different life than they would,
Are somehow wrong.

But for me,
I’ve always loved cats,
And introverts,
Particularly ones who like to share


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