I guessed that I was drunk; I’m pretty sure I was

I was twenty, there was a party

I remember the room being full of dancing couples
(The song was “True” by Spandau Ballet)

I was the only one not dancing

Being a mathematician,
I realized I was literally “the odd man out”
And attempted to calculate the probability
That one of the couples would fight
And the girl would turn to me out of spite and anger
Which seemed reasonable to me in that state

I gave the couples two more songs to have spats
That didn’t happen
Several of them seemed closer to having children than disagreements
So I left

Up the stairs, down the hall
To my dorm room
Keys on the table
Unsteady and only partially focused
I mused as to the outrageous un-fickleness of women

And how much I had wanted to dance to that song

Which is not something I would have


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