The Dancing Snowflakes

The dancing snowflakes
Fall the way they always did —
But he is gone, he’s gone,
And all the magic
Seemed to go with him;
The magic
Seemed to go
With all the wonder

The day is white and glows,
The air is cold,
It’s cold and bracing —
But he is gone, he’s gone,
And all the breathing air
Seems wrong,
The air itself
Seemed to go
With him

And in a year, I’ll call,
And she will say
That she is well;
It’s not a lie –
But it’s not true, as well —
For he is gone, he’s gone,
And part of her is gone
The part that’s
Always with him

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2 Thoughts to “The Dancing Snowflakes

  1. And nothing has changed only (ihope) that through the broken cracks a little light comes with each new morning i achieve. Thanks for the pingback- you might enjoy today’s Magic Moments-at Esperanza.
    (Angel in the Dust)

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