And We’d Have It…

Say the words, but know the reason:
Hatred comes in every season,
Love is all that’s really good,
And we’d have it, if we could.

Sing the song, but know the story:
Politics, both Whig and Tory,
Is a thing of stone and wood,
And we’d build it, if we could.

There’s a bridge that knows tomorrow,
Out where none must lend or borrow,
Shielded off from pain and sorrow
Past the Seven Acre Wood

Move the stones, but know the answer:
Love is made for dance and dancer:
All we do, or should, or would –
And we’d have it, if

We could

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3 Thoughts to “And We’d Have It…

  1. This fits so well with Beethoven’s 7th symphony, my current live streaming music. In this GD world we need up beat attitudes.
    Yes, “Love is made for dance and dancer”. We all must participate at our very best whatever that may be.

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