Sketches – 37

How young was I in that picture?

It was few years ago

A few? Like, fifteen?

Six, actually

I bet you wish you
Were still married to her

I am still married to her

Why do you have these
Old photos out?

I want to get all of my
Favorites and have them
Transfered to digital

And this one is a favorite?

Yeah, look how happy you look

So I’m not happy now?

You tell me

I’m not unhappy, I’m
Just tired, mostly

There’s a lot of that
Going around

Societal mononucleosis

Yes, except
Without the kissing

I forgot I used to wear
Nail polish that dark

Do you remember
What you were listening to?

No. I’m not even sure
Where that was taken

Near a coffee shop,
I think

You can never be too near
A coffee shop

I’m sorry, by the way

Sorry for what?

That I don’t do more,
Knowing how tired you are

You have had a lot going on
I know

Yeah, well
We are supposed to be a team

Aren’t we?

I’m just not always the greatest teammate

Well, if you wanted to help with the tiredness
You could run out and get me some coffee

If it will produce that smile
You’re on

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