All, At Once

It’s funny how the all-at-once’s come,
  and then they go —

It’s like she’s lived a thousand lives,
  each time the universe
  comes crashing down
  on what she thought she knew —

For all she has to give’s a universe:
  filled up with galaxies of hope,
  with stars of love,
  and planets of her plans
  for whole new worlds and
  salutations —

A thousand million billion
  types of feelings all
  get centered on
  anxieties for all she should
  but fears she will not
  do —

But all at once has happened
  and before —

For many lives of tears of shades of love
  she has transpired to carry
  vast beyond imagining
  and smaller than the recess of
  her heart
  that beats forever now in
  broken time —

For time is breaking, breaking, like
  an egg upon the edge of
  iron pans and
  irony —

And love comes lonely calling in
  the night of her new parliament
  across a visage cast into
  the sea
  and the
  autocracy —

And stirs the shadows of
  a bit of time,
  a twist of lime,
  and asks her
  why so many twice
  her heart has twice
  somewhere between real girls and nice

And all at once

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