His Favorite

Thanksgiving was his favorite holiday growing up: better than New Year’s, with it’s wild abandon; better than Valentine’s Day, which was pointless for him; better than Halloween, which did not appeal to him at all; even better than the universally popular Christmas, with it’s developed and far-reaching traditions.

For his family, Thanksgiving was about one meal, held in the early middle afternoon; sitting down, as a family, to use the best china they owned and have the best meal they had all year — it was easy to be thankful, really.

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  1. well we finally cheer up a bit! Attitude, attitude; if you insist on banking your wings you will go round and round in circles and if you cross control you will go down maybe splat in a flat spin. That is why i’ve pretty much stopped posting my work. Do cheer up. Oh, and keep writing.
    Love you,

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