Conversation with a Train

How many friends have you lost?
Oh, there’s many. More than you would know.
But, yet – I’ll bet you’ve seen a lot —
Oh, sure. But I’ve still far to go.

I’ve wandered many places, through
All seasons, through all climes —
And now I’m here – back home again,
Where I’ve been many times.

What keeps you moving, then?
Is it the next great view?

Oh, no. I’m simply out here,
Doing what it is I do.

You do not make it sound that great.
The way you make a living —

I know. The world’s a taking, and
A train is here for giving.

Forgiving? I need more of that.
I’m sure, my friend, you do.
Because the native fauna here
Depends a lot on you,

You need to do what all you can,
To carry where you’re able:
For life is long and lonely, and
No situation’s stable

For quite as long as we might think.
I think I understand.
You know the route you’re going, but things
May not go as planned —

I find today, I look around,
And many, loved, are lost —
I hurt who I don’t mean to hurt,
And some folks I exhaust —

The moving on’s the thing, I think.
It does not do to dwell
With our mistakes – missed chances – that
Becomes a prison cell.

But you are not imprisoned, you
Just need to find your track.
And will that lead me home?
I do not know. But don’t look back.

For much that was is lost for good,
And why, there is no knowing:
But life’s a journey, after all,
And so,
Go on —

Get going

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