I Wouldn’t Understand

She said that she was sad, but that
I wouldn’t understand;
I said I likely wouldn’t,
But I’d try –

She said her hair looked stupid; that
She always felt outside –
And that she really liked
A certain guy;

But all the girls liked him, and he
Had never noticed her.
She said she really longed
To see this band —

But it was far away, and she
Was not allowed to go.
Her parents didn’t trust her
In the end.

And mister “Certain Guy” was going,
She could tag along —
It would be perfect, so that
He could see

That she was special, different;
She felt like she would shine –
And at the concert: Magic,
Destiny —

And there are those I know who’d say
That hers were first world problems;
To worry about boys
And about hair —

But I felt bad for her, for while
Her troubles were quite common:
They all were new to her
And hard
To bear

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2 Thoughts to “I Wouldn’t Understand

    1. One of my mom’s philosophies I remember from my youth is that everybody’s problems are important. She wasn’t a big fan of the “other people are starving so you have no problems” school of philosophy — which is all the more meaningful because she grew up starving.

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