Old Poem, Written Age 15

I have these Fugitive visions They come and go like Dappled sunlight through windblown leaves I see you in them I seem us in them But the fantasy that burns within me Burns out Before I ever Get a chance To see your face

you never knew…

not even years later on facebook would i admit this to her ... ever ...

Diaries of Another Summer (8)

She was eighteen, I was fourteen, All I had were dreams; Damn, those were confusing visions, With recurrent themes — I felt tortured every night. I’d try to get some rest: There she was, then, on the beach, And I just felt possessed. Images and strange new feelings; Latency and double dealings, Sonia smiling down … Continue reading "Diaries of Another Summer (8)"

Secret Crush

If you look carefully at the photo, I'm just slightly to the right of it.


“It’s just a crush,” they told him, “You’ll grow out of it,” they said; Well, it’s been thirteen years, And there she is, still in his head — For being young does not mean One can’t tell false love from true; Or know the ache of loving someone Who does not love You [As is … Continue reading "Crushed"


I have so many wonderful teen memories, it seems unfair not to share.