I thought “Like this thing, I’m
Out bored.” Seventeen and full of
Mostly Pepsi and testosterone, I
Spent the early summer looking at girls and
Imagining untying swimsuit and bra
Tops, and whether or not my fumbling
Fingers would ever get a chance to even
Try. But girls where I lived had
Started to change towards me in subtle
Ways, indicating that perhaps the life
I’d felt was impossible for years was
Drawing nearer, and sure enough, that
Summer the floodgates opened, slightly
More than metaphorically, and I
Began to discover that I could untie
Knots when the pressure was on. Engine
Worked fine, once I was able to get it
Out on the water for once, and I didn’t
Sink or anything, which, given how most
People’s early experiences go, was pretty
Dang amazing.

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