A Continent

She cannot salvage memories
And make of them a living you;
She cannot rearrange the days
So they’d be gone instead of you

She cannot breathe the breath of life
To bring you back to her for good;
She cannot hold you to her heart –
But if she could, she would.

She would not want an enemy
To feel the way her poor heart feels;
Nor have another jail call filled
To help facilitate these deals

For you, of all, would know her way,
The fights that she has never fought;
She would give all to have you back,
Except – what she cannot —

For grief’s a continent, a distance great –
But she won’t reclaim you
By claiming

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One thought to “A Continent”

  1. That last stanza just sums up so much of healing from grief. Loss can bring out anger especially in tragic circumstances and it is so much harder to not give in to that. Your way with words is amazing.

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