Fatal Abstraction


I want to be your friend, she said
Just tell me where you live
I can’t, I’m married, stay away
That’s all I have to give

I think you want me too, she said
Now tell me who you are
I won’t, this has gone far enough
In fact, it’s gone too far

Your old prose gave a lot of clues
I knew I would know how
To track you down to where you live
I’m watching you right now

I want to be your friend, she screamed
I woke up in a sweat
Thankful feeble WordPress poets
Don’t have stalkers


6 thoughts on “Fatal Abstraction

      1. It was, this is why I have no personal info up about me anymore. This person got ahold of my work info and looked for me there. So, be careful bloggers! In the end he messed with the wrong “nice girl”. He won’t be bothering me again…problem solved 😉

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