the sentient storm

it knows him and it comes for only him –
the storm of all he knows and fears –
the heartless cognizant,
to despotize
the soul

the skies
are moving waves:
and full of the intent
to maim the poor novitiate —
and leave him homeless, wand’ring in the dark

the storm, it knows its prey, it knows him well:
he cannot hide from wind
nor rain
nor hell

Image credit : © Agsandrew | – Inner Life of Dream

simulacrum, memory

driven through the broken glass
broken by the driving wind
ghosts are standing by the lake
broken by the driving wind

simulacrum, memory
memories of what's to come
ghosts that shiver by the lake
memories of what's to come

shielded purpose, veiled intent
cold as death, and colder still
ghosts of time in times of ghosts
cold as death, and colder still

broken by the driving wind
frozen lake's inconstancy
ghosts that claim me for their own

Nightmare: The Code of Aglaec

(Originally published April, 2014. – Owen)

Nightmare crawling
City sprawling
Fires rage
While baby’s bawling

Forearm choking
Engines smoking
Each new page
Old vile invoking

Pedants hector
Every sector
Drink the bane
Of poison nectar

Shape your thinking
Fetid, stinking
All prospect sinking

I’ve outgrown you
Now I’ve shown you
You met me
And now
I own you

Fatal Abstraction


I want to be your friend, she said
Just tell me where you live
I can’t, I’m married, stay away
That’s all I have to give

I think you want me too, she said
Now tell me who you are
I won’t, this has gone far enough
In fact, it’s gone too far

Your old prose gave a lot of clues
I knew I would know how
To track you down to where you live
I’m watching you right now

I want to be your friend, she screamed
I woke up in a sweat
Thankful feeble WordPress poets
Don’t have stalkers