I Like to Imagine…

I like to imagine…

That my commenters would put as much effort into their comments
As my spammers do their spam

That what I write would change something besides
The smudge marks on my keyboard

That national elections would be conducted between sane people
And for actual reasons

That we could accomplish things without
Yelling at either Siri or Alexa

That schools would conduct other activities as good for their students
As coloring is

That people could make up their mind whether they want
To celebrate vice or condemn it, because
The constant switching has gotten confusing

That I understood anything


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2 Thoughts to “I Like to Imagine…

  1. The first was my favorite. I mean, really, those spam messages are paragraphs. I can assure you if I comment I am putting good thought into it. May not be a paragraph long, but I won’t tell you how to get more blog hits either.

  2. You write so many poems commenting on them could become very time consuming. I just hope for readers! Ha! Your poetry is consistently great.

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