Sketches – 20

So – who is that model whose pictures
You keep using on your blog?

I have no idea –
It’s all from one photographer at
There are hundreds of pictures of her out there

You’d better be glad that
I’m a very secure person
Otherwise, I’d think
“He wishes I had purple hair, too”

Would that be weird?
I mean, if I did?

Yes, it would be weird.
You wouldn’t want to be married to a model.
I mean, wouldn’t you worry that
Because she’s so glamorous and fabulous and sexy,
Every man in the world wants her?

I’m already married to someone like that

Oh please
I mean, I am pretty fabulous

You totally are…
…How about this photo, she’s
Wearing sunglasses –
Maybe no one will know it’s her

I’ll know…
… So, do you ever think of her,
When you and I are —

Are you crazy?

I think you dream of being
With a purple-haired model
With cool sunglasses and
A pierced…everything,
And you’re tired of me and
You think I’m boring

I think that
I would never have truly known
What it is to be happy
If we had never met,
And that every day is better,
Every night more amazing, and
Every morning worth getting up for
With you in my life

Okay –
Could you maybe
Find another model’s pictures to use?

Are you willing to let me use
Pictures of you for the blog?

We’ll talk about it…


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