Sketches – 18

Be sure to let me know where to turn

Oh. That was a couple of blocks ago


Yeah, sorry –
I forgot where it was we were going

Well, let me just turn around here…
I know it’s a lot to ask from
“Miss Short-Attention-Span Theater” —

It’s gotta be torture
Being my husband –
I must about drive you crazy

Not a long drive, that –
So, — do I turn at up at that next light, or…?

I mean no

Which is it?

Hang on —
I’ve never come from this direction

Well, we were coming from the other direction
Before we turned around

Hey — don’t make me come over there –
I’ve had a bad day, and
You don’t want any of this

Let’s try the light
And see if anything looks familiar

Yes —
This is the right road

Do you know the apartment number?


Do you want me to go in with you?

No, I
Know that Macy’s been sick, and
You don’t need to miss any work

Alright — well, I’ll wait here then

I won’t stay long…

… Well, they are very grateful,
We didn’t really need it,
And they do, so …

Totally agree, and love you for it —
So, where did you want to eat?

I don’t care,
You pick

Let’s do Mandarin Cafe

I don’t know —
We had Chinese food for lunch

Okay. How about Smokey Bones?

Last barbecue I had
Made me kind of nauseous, so

How about O’Charley’s?

Won’t that be kind of crowded?

I take it that
“I don’t care,
You pick”
“I don’t care to pick:
You pick, so
I can shoot it down”

Yep — torture, being my husband –
And — that’s pretty much correct

How about Texas Roadhouse?

Sure –
That sounds great

You drive me crazy –
You know that, don’t you?

We supposed to drive each other crazy
I think that was somewhere in
Our wedding vows

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