Sketches – 17

How much longer is your workout?

Oh… about… six more hours

What?! That’s insane!

Yeah, well… I’m insane

Was your sister here earlier?


How is she?

Oh, she’s GREAT
She’s been doing CrossFit
SHE can run eighty miles
SHE looks like a million bucks
SHE can leap tall buildings in a single bound

Is that was this is about?


Your sister is nowhere near
As beautiful as you are
On her best day
In the best light possible

Yeah, well —
She’s got abs, and soon
Your wife’s gonna have ’em

Dear, I, um
Hate to break it to you, but
You … sort of … already have abs

Good, because
This workout sucks

I say let’s go grab a bite to eat

I say yes and thank goodness

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