So Do You

I know the world is full of pain,
And so do you, and so do you –
I know our best attempts are vain,
And so, my friend, do you —

The knot you would have tied came loose
The love you would have made has fled
The whispered word was but a ruse
And all your dreams just gingerbread

I know the echoes of the night,
And so do you, and so do you –
How some wrongs cannot be made right,
And so my friend, do you —

Come hear the soothing of the sea;
Come sit a spell, and watch with me –
I’ve known hope at its apogee,
And so my friend, do you

The day will fall, the night renew;
The heart played false will still be true,
And you’ll get up – it’s what you do –
I know that you’ll get through —

And so, my friend,
Do you

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One thought to “So Do You”

  1. The refrain, chiming regularly like a bell, works really well and reinforces the poem’s meaning with it’s rhythm. Nice, very nice.

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