love her

when sleepy days of summertime
turn minutes into glories,
when calendars and clocks alike
stop working for awhile,
when all the daily worries go
away – just for some minutes,
then love her
love her
love her;
give her reason now to smile

bring spaces to togetherness,
bring union to your distance;
let your appreciation flow
for who she is – and why —
and when you’re on the bed, remember
peace as well as passion,
and love her
love her
love her;
let her know that you’re her guy

the darkness falls in every life,
with limits to our chances;
the love that feels its legs intact
responds to that
and dances

so if the summer finds you both
together, do not waste it:
just love her
love her
love her
let her heart know it
can fly

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