Love in the Age of Texting

hey babe

hi, handsome

so, what r u wearing right now?

me? i’m wearing a football helmet, a giant brown parka and some snowshoes

sounds sexy

i did get the football helmet at victorias secret, so its definitely sexy

well then, i wish i was there

and what would you do if you were here?

borrow the parka – it’s freezing here

you can’t think of anything else you’d want to do?

well, i’d try to ravage you, but snowshoes are a turnoff

i can take them off

i can be right over

7 thoughts on “Love in the Age of Texting

      1. I didn’t think so! Nowadays when contacted by any member of the male species I answer straight away with what I’m wearing, so we can save some time 🙂

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